The Art Is In The Details

Original Artwork

Each original drawing was produced using Prismacolor colored pencils on premium illustration board. The realism embodied in all of these drawings is the result of strict attention to detail and hours of work at the drawing table.

Commissioned Art

Station 7 Studios also offers work on commission on a limited basis. These original drawings can be an artistic remembrance of a past career or a proud reminder of one’s present profession.

Fire Service

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Truck Company, 2011

Engine Company, 2012

Rescue Company, 2013

Retirement Tribute / Captain Pulver, 2012

Promotion Tribute / Captain Fairlie, 2014

Fathers and Sons I, 2014

Fathers and Sons II, 2015

Career Tribute, 2015

Cedar Rapids Fire Dept. Central Station, 2017

Belle Plaine Fire Department, 2017

Promotion Tribute, 2017

Dad's Stearman, 2014

Nature's Beauty

The Woodpile, 2013

Der Uralte (The Ancient One), 2018

November Pool, 2016

Silver Maple, 2018

Red Sunset Maple, 2018

White Oak, 2018

Northern Red Oak, 2018

Green Ash Tree, 2018

Chinkapin Oak, 2018

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Murdock, 2016

Christmas Dogs, 2017

Best Friends – Ashlyn and Titan, 2015

Dell, 2018

Legend, 2016

Penny and Maisy, 2016

Faithful Companions

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